Crisis Stabiliation

HealthyMinds, Inc. Crisis Stabilization and Crisis Supervision Services was created to improve the lives of people with mental illness by providing therapeutic and supportive services that are needed to be able to live at their highest level within society. The purpose is to stabilize the individual and to strengthen the current living situation so that he/she can be sheltered during and beyond the crisis period.

At HealthyMinds, Inc. we know how much it means to make a difference in people’s lives; we strive to give those receiving mental health services the very best therapeutic care and support. We want to help people with Mental Health disabilities to achieve a life of opportunity, wellness, and freedom. We want to allow them to live more independently in their communities by offering them the support and trainings they need to be successful.

Eligibility for Service

The individual must require an acute level of support during periods of time in which they are presenting episodes of unmanageable behaviors that require and demonstrate a clinical need for the service arising from a condition due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness. These behav-iors can results in significant functional impairments in major life activities. For services to be rendered, Individuals must need and also be at risk of the followings:

  • -The individual requires an acute level of support during periods of time in which he/she is presenting episodes of unmanageable behaviors that require an intense level of behavioral or psychiatric care.
  • -The individual is displaying extreme, maladaptive behaviors that are not anticipated (acute in nature, beyond daily behaviors) but may be due to medication changes, reaction to situation stressors, or environmental trauma.
  • -The individual needs continuous intervention to maintain stability.
  • -The individual is causing harm to self or others.
  • -The individual is at risk for ICF/MR placement or psychiatric hospitalization.