At HealthyMinds, Inc. we know how much it means to make a difference in people’s lives; we strive to give those receiving mental health services the very best therapeutic care and support. We want to help people with Mental Health disabilities to achieve a life of opportunity, independence, and freedom. We want to allow them to live more independently in their communities by offering them the support and trainings they need to be successful.


Our goal is to improve the lives of people with mental disabilities by providing the therapeutic and supportive services that are needed for them to be able to live at their highest level within society. Our professional and well trained staff will assist people receiving services with their everyday needs by being readily available when experiencing psychiatric crisis or break down. HealthyMinds, Inc. offers a high level of therapeutic structure that is effective supportive and humane to those we serve.


The principles for mental health services at HealthyMinds, Inc. is individuals can and will become stable from their mental illness. Stability leads to personal growth and life satisfaction.


Individuals with mental illnesses are supported and empowered to build meaningful lives. This offers hope that goals will be met and things will improve.

Holistic approach:

HealthyMinds providers will recognize the mind, body, and individual in pathways to community support. Understanding the individuals personal belief, traditions and values are important to support stabilization and recovery.